Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Five weeks down!

I had decided to return to the classroom after seven years as a principal.  The school and I were due for a change.

When a job came up at my old school, the school where my wife still works I got an application in very quickly.  I was delighted to get the job.

I have a Y13 Chemistry class, a Y11, a Y10 and a Y9 Science class with extra responsibility for Careers.  I am coaching volleyball and hopefully a soccer team come winter. We're on a six-day cycle within which I have 20 contacts so there's a couple of extras there but in other ways it's full on. And I love it.

I am working as long in hours as I did as a principal but the work gets finished, it seems more do-able.  And the kids are great.  As a principal I saw the kids in trouble.  I was aware that there were good kids but I did not work with them as I do now.  A real pleasure.

More later...

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