Monday, 2 September 2013

Open Content Licensing for Educators-An Introduction


This is part of my e-activity for this course.  One of the side benefits is that it may revitalise my blogging besides the main focus that of open content licensing.

I very much struggle with the time budget in my job and the more I can make these e-activities save me time the more likely I am to keep using them.  For instance I ma playing around with dong my lesson planning in my google calendar (opening the event and typing in the description box).  This is also shared with the class via my google site.  Even so it is still a struggle to make it all make time-sense.

To fulfill the requirements of this course I need to insert a photo I've taken myself. This is one of me in gym with some volleyballers.
 Also to include a link to an external website.  This one is a Google site of mine that I am trying to develop to cover all my work at school.

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