Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Self regulated learners is what I want!

I ran into a reference to POSBGIL at Lance King's TaoLearning web site.

 It got me wondering about how to teach next year. In order to use Guided Inquiry Learning (that's the GIL bit of POSBGIL) I would have to promote self regulated learners.  Three things from this article interested me.

Firstly that self regulated skills need teaching and the way to do that was to teach the key competencies of the NZ Curriculum. But how do you do that?

Secondly, students vary in their ability to self-regulate their leaning so you need to scaffold learning more for some.  This leads on the the last point.

Thirdly, readiness for self regulated learning was testable. I found a LASSI index to test a student's relaxation. It cost $US3.50 a copy. Thought I'd make my own and this brought me back to HoM (Habits of Mind).

Art Costa who invented Habits of Mind said they were what people did when they didn't know what to do. That seemd to me they were self regulating using HoM.  I looked in our students' planners and there's a self assessment of HoM there, but it's a little complicated.  Interesting idea though; I will pursue this.

Also looked for the scholarly articles referred to in TaoLearning link; they have also whetted my appetite for further investigation.

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