Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A new strategy for an online education presence

I will trial a mix of three google products this year for my classes, along the lines discussed in a web posting 

If I have understood this post right the function of the three elements would be:

  1. Google Classroom.  Workflow management.  Issue assignments and collect them back in.
  2. Google site for each class, not the monster one.  Engage students and parents, useful videos and other web resources, extension material, power points and other resources used in class.
  3. Blogger.  The new one.  Lesson content. File every week.  A place where kids can ask questions, like they might in class, with everyone listening.
Other professional sites:

  1. Back to it! (This one!) Blogging about professional things, useful for appraisal.
  2. Journal. A three sentence journal diarying what happened today. Not shared.
Not all my classes would fit the model.  Transition/Gateway don't really have class content as every student is moving in their own direction.  They wouldn't need Google Classroom either, they 

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