Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You get that

One should expect that from time to time, in any enterprise, that stuff happens.

I had a CASE lesson planned that looked pretty good to me.  It was about looking for patterns in diverse data about humans.  For instance a scattergram of head circumference against height.

The students had a number of different graphs to look for a correlation in.  As it was a Tuesday*  I included a wee task about the vocab of correlation.  It was last period and they never engaged. They were more interested in the vocab sheet than the thinking task.

What did I learn?

  1.  Keep trying. You never know when they will engage (or not)
  2. Accept that last period is better for cutting out, colouring in, joining dots than it is for thinking
*Tuesday is my literacy day.  I know it's pathetic but if I don't stick to it, it won't get done.

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